Self Realization Developmental Therapy (Spiritual awakening for beginners)

Take a spiritual journey with us and be awaken subconsciously and be aware physically. Be part of a circle of seekers of everlasting divine happiness. Have a clear vision of your divine potential or purpose: what is it you want? What is holding you down or back? Identify the root of your struggle, is it fear, doubt, anger? Accept who you are in order to become who you want to be.

True spirituality (knowing thy self) is a spiritual circle that is created based on the principles of African metaphysics. Through this circle, divine souls (clients) will learn the secret ancient spiritual laws on how; our enlightened ancestors connected with the divine source of life. Clients will also learn the true fulfillment of cultivating one’s spirit and living divine life in the physical realm.

This spiritual circle is for people who are seeking to find their purpose in life, those who are not fulfilled even with some worldly accomplishments, those who feel a void inside of themselves, those who desire to live a divine life, those who are seeking to fulfill their divine responsibility, and those who are mentally, physically, emotionally confused, and cluttered. We offer group circle and one-on-one sessions please call us for details. Divine appreciation to you.