Newborn aura protection wisdom

Infinite blessings, and a divine Love and light to you.

In the ancient African spirituality, which is and has always been a way of life. My people observed their ancient ancestral divinity and have structured it as stages in the physical realm: birth/ life rite, naming rite, rites of puberty, rites of adulthood, rites of marriage, rites of eldership, and ancestor ship/ sub-conscious memory, which is the ( the seven initiation rites of passage).

In my personal experience and observation, the first stage or the 1st experience of life is the most prominent foundation for life itself. It is through the first stage that a newborn baby (a divine soul having a human experience) is equipped with the necessary divine wisdom, guidance from the ancestral world (sub-conscious awareness), being in the knowing about protective practices and rituals that governs their existence on earth; and all assisting with the fulfillment of the soul’s destiny.

However, the rest of the stages obtain their energy from the first stage. Therefore, giving the soul a platform of concrete-spiritual grounding through body, mind, and spirit should be every parents’ determination for the souls they birth onto earth. The earth will keep changing its vibration, and will continue to shape it. That is why it is very vital as parents to ground our returning ancestors.

That is why Affiyahh’s Sacred Quantum Healing, under the umbrella Affiyahhs Circle have made it; its mission to assist every parent with a shield, protective items, and ritual derived from ancient tribal divine wisdom, which will give your baby/ child grounding on the earth plane. Allowing a seed of divine consciousness to be planted into their spirit. Giving them the awareness of who they were, who they are, their purpose on earth, and how they can contribute to others.

Who we are
Affiyahh is spiritual consultant who specializes in healing through energy work. She is a spiritual life assistance and cosmic/quantum healer, and a reiki master/spiritual speaker. Are you planning a women’s circle or a spiritual circle? Invite Affiyahh as your spiritual guest and enjoy an insight of Ancient African metaphysical insight.

More on what we offer
Energized protective grounding gem-beads and talisman for newborns and babies.

Motherhood classes teaching moms the secret of protecting their child/children with the dense spirit that comes out of their wombs. Even though, the child is out of the womb.

Fertility and spiritual grounding kit (waist beads and gemstones that are energized and activated for each person.

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