Holistic lifestyle Awareness

Holistic lifestyle awareness: holistic nutritional counseling, vegan cooking classes, detoxification of the internal body, supplements/vitamins, juicing, fasting, etc.

The first step toward a healthy body, mind, and soul starts with the detoxification of the inner organs. This process is the most essential for good health. Since the day we were born it’s most advantageous that we are breastfed by our mothers. As we become older we begin to eat and drink based on whatever we have a taste for in life as opposed to what’s best to sustain and maintain our bodies.

Let’s ask ourselves how many people cleanse internally? Well, everything we consume must eventually come out as waste. We must cleanse internally to rid our bodies of excess toxins. When we cleanse our bodies internally and consistently, we keep our organs young and healthy. Our liver is one of the organs that cleanse our insides. When the liver is healthy and young it will never get tired. It will continue working keeping our insides clean and protecting our cells and other organs from attacks.

Nevertheless, we should not continue to eat all the time and never detox our internal body. We should nurture our bodies by taking a break from eating and drinking periodically. We can cleanse with natural herbs such as dandelion, hawthorn, skullcap, and burdock roots, ginger, and garlic. These items can be found in any health food stores.

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