Essential Spiritual Items

Infinite blessings love and light to you.

My person is a native upper easterner from the northern part of Ghana west Africa. For my ancestors, spirituality is a way of life. Through spirituality, my people honor mother earth and all the unseen and seen enlightened beings and creation. These products were created base on my personal experiences with spiritual attacks and negative vibes, unbalanced intention, and ill-wishes been sent my way.

When I was made aware that there were negative vibrations and intention sent to me and my family. My first reaction was to disempower all their thoughts, disempower all their strength and will. After which, spirit guided me to create these essential healing items to shield my self and my family. That is how the divine wisdom and insight was bestowed on me.

We bring to the world anything and everything that contributes to our spiritual life here on earth. We channel our intention for your physical, spiritual, and mental protection in the physical realm. By providing you with high vebration products that has been energized with the most purest intention.

These are spiritual grounding and protection bath, daily protection oils, incense, meditation oil, fertility oils, talisman for women, men, newborns, babies, and children. We also have love oils to manifest love, oils to unveil your luck, and oils to open and ground your success. When you purchase our products all that you need to do is to believe and add your own intention.

Affiyahh is spiritual consultant who specializes in healing through energy work. She is a spiritual life assistance and cosmic/quantum healer, and a reiki master/spiritual speaker. She is also a student at university of Sedona. As a healer, Affiyahh have always created her own energized spiritual protective items from baths, oils, incense, talisman, etc. Affiyahh feels blessed to share with the world.o