Let’s dine healthy

Divine love and light,

Please enjoy dinner with me. Let’s nourish our inside out.


Avocado, cucumber, onion, and cherry tomatoes salad.

Arugula, kale, chard, spinach, spinach and collard greens with salt-free bouillon.

Black eye peas, garlic, onion, and boullion cooked with avocado oil/peanut oil.

Yellow plantain lightly cooked with avocado oil.

Beloved lots of infinite health and blessings to you.



Pick-me upper

Awaken your body’s defenses with a pick-me upper.

Ingredients: mustard greens, dandelion, spinach, half cucumber, one banana, medium ginger, spring water, lots of love and appreciation for self.

Love and light.


The Choice Is Yours


Life is a process or pattern that unfolds in an orderly fashion. When life seems to be a chaotic chain of events, it’s because we are going against that order and since the order of life exist within us, then we are going against the nature of our being. As tough as that sounds, even that way of living can help you remember who you are as a Divine Being. However that could be quite painful because life has a way of balancing it self out. In other words life could take us out. The choice as always is yours. Peace or confusion, Order or chaos. Free will is what separates us from the animals for better or for worse. Choose wisely.

Let’s Raise Our Cups



Divine love and abundant light to everyone. Please let’s raise our cups, jars, and bottles to divine wisdom, health, and Mother Earth. I invite you to a body, mind, and spirit cleansing break-fast. Cheers ! Enjoy.


Mustard greens
Cheyenne pepper
Spring water.

Wash the above fruits and greens in spring water and blend it all together with love enjoy. Enjoy!

Life is mystical and I’m loving it.


imageLife is delicate like an egg be patient with it. Life is comical have a laugh. Life is mystical be curious with a pure open heart. Life is theatrical be amused by it. I send to you true divine love and light. May your life be filled with grace and glory. Affirm: I wish for others what I wish for my self.

Show Gratitude


Divine love and light beautiful people,
Giving thanks for divine mercy and grace this morning. Let us live in worship, praise, and giving endless thanks to the divine source (our creator) for who we are because we are perfect! Affirm: Today, I will see the uniqueness in myself and in others. Infinite love and light to you.