Divine love and light,
If you are reading this then the spirit has led you here. Therefore, We greet you with a humble spirit and a divine welcome. Our greatest desire is to assist you to find optimum health in body, mind, and spirit. Lots of love and light to you always.



Who we are
Affiyahh is spiritual consultant who specializes in healing through energy work. She is a spiritual life assistance and cosmic/quantum healer, and a reiki master/spiritual speaker.

What we do
Affiyahh uses the enlightened healing properties of the quantum & cosmic to bring tranquility and serenity to her clients. She uses physical and spiritual healing methods such as cosmic/quantum healing (healing body, mind, and spirit) reiki, chakra cleansing, healing, balancing, and grounding, soul cleanse therapy, sound therapy, color therapy, aromatherapy, and healing meditation through visualization.

What we offer:

Healing through energy work: cosmic/quantum healing (healing body, mind, and spirit) reiki, chakra cleansing/grounding/balancing/healing, soul cleanse therapy, and healing of past life trauma.

Fertility and spiritual grounding kit (waist beads with gemstones that are energized and activated. There are different kinds: for protection, love, healing, prosperity, spiritual insight, etc. There are also beads for everyone men, women, children, and newborn. You choose your colors, send your request, and pay thru PayPal and we will mail it to you. If you are in the DMV area we can arrange a meet and pickup area. Allow your family to enjoy a spiritual utopia with our products. Our PayPal email is eugenebenson.com

Are you planning a women’s circle or a spiritual circle? Invite Affiyahh as your spiritual guest and enjoy an insight of Ancient African metaphysics and spiritual healing.

Request spiritual energy in the form of a meditation ritual from Affiyahh’s Sacred Quantum Healing? You can request a meditational ritual for: born days, earth days (birthdays) surgery, marriage, relationships, legal issues, child nurturing, grieving, child birth, infertility, travel, business setup, education, exams, property purchasing, property cleansing, illnesses, dis-eases, family challenges, control stress, life challenges, etc. Please contact us for detail. Remember that every dis-ease and every life’s challenges have its root in the spiritual. Divine blessings and peace to you all.

Holistic lifestyle awareness: holistic nutritional counseling, vegan cooking classes, detoxification of the internal body, supplements/vitamins, juicing, fasting, etc.

True spirituality (spiritual life coaching): communicating with divinity, awareness of spirit guides (elders/deities, angels,enlightened ancestors, and light beings), connecting and channeling, healing breath meditation for beginners, visualization and manifestation meditation for advance level, ritualization and rites of passage, sisterhood sacred healing circle, indigo healing and grounding circle (under the indigo souls collective)
Eco therapy: Fire circle, nature healing walk, connecting with the light in nature, nature lovers forum, etc.

What happens in the healing process?
During the healing session, she will cultivate the sacred cosmic and quantum vibrations and then call on the recipients enlightened elders/deities, enlightened ancestors, and angels to come and aid the healing process.

What To Expect?
An abundant feeling of bliss and tranquility, deep relaxation, heat from the practitioner’s palms that indicate that whatever blockage or pain you had is being burned and leaving your body. Also an experience of a cool sensation from the practitioner’s palms that indicate a blockage has been eradicated from your body. Some people may also feel like they are floating. Our humble suggesting is that you relax and allow the healing into you body, mind, and spirit.

Are you spiritually and emotionally cluttered?
Are you willing to bring peace and divine love into your life?

Then contact affiyahh for details.

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Affiyahh’s Sacred Quantum healing
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