Divine Hair Oil


Peace to all.

The ascension has all ready begun. You might be feeling the effects, headaches even though you don’t usually get them. Aches and pains in odd places even though you are active and in shape. You’re more sensitive to the vibes in the room whether they are good or bad. These are some of the physical effects of the spiritual ascension that’s currently unfolding. Body, mind and spirit are connected.

Our multi purpose Divine hair/skin oil is prepared and energized on the full moon with the purest intentions and love. With a base of olive oil, coconut oil and castor oil we combine ten differant herbs which include Frankincense and Myrrh to assist you in reaching your highest consciousness. It will assist and enhance your meditations for those who have difficulty entering a meditative state by cleansing the aura and providing protection against negative entities entering your aura. Some of the physical benefits are stimulation of the hair follicles to promote growth, relaxes the muscle and increases circulation, moisturizes the skin and keeps it looking always young.

Since we are Divine beings having physical experience the products we use and consume should be prepared to nurture body,mind and spirit.

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