Meditation for beginners.

Get to know your highest self and operate (live your life) from his or her perspective. Eradicate your lower self and hold fast to your higher self.

Best time to meditate: dawn, early morning, mid night.

1. Sacred space: a place in your house that you don’t step with shoes.
2. Cleanse the area and energized it: use sage, Clove, bayleaf, etc. Set an intention to protect the area, because when you are in the subconscious and not protected zero vibratory beings can attach to your energy field (aura)
3. Clear your mind: if you are a divine being having a human journey in this realm then you’ve got stuff, so clear them out. Ask for pardon for unbalanced actions, deeds, thoughts, etc.
4. Be in tune with your breath: breath deep into the soft lower belly and breath out through your mouth to initiate relaxation and clam.
5. Show gratitude to your divine creator who manifested you into existence.
6. Give thanks and appreciation for everything in your life.

Infinite love and light.

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