Honor Them.


We’ve all had them. Those vivid surreal high definition dreams that come right before we wake up in the morning, when we are in between sleeping and awake. This is the real “twilight zone”. What we are shown in these type of dreams are of utmost importance. These dreams are used to give us instructions on what to do to better our life. They are used to guide us through current or future circumstances, and often used to send warnings. Do not take these dreams lightly, remember them, write them down.

You might be asking yourself, where do these dreams come from? Who or what is sending me them? Well, think about it.

Who has your best interest at heart?

Who wants and needs you to survive and to thrive?

Who’s duty is it to guide you and make sure you learn your life lessons?

And lastly, who has the ability to guide us from the Inner Planes?

None other then our honorable Ancestors. We are physically and spiritually connected to them. They are our heritage, our roots that go deep and back to the non-beginning. It is through them that we got here. We are their legacy, their link and connection to the infinite present. It is through us they will return. We are them. They are us.

Honor them.


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