Your Worth


Your self worth is determine by you and your highest self or being. Your destiny was created before you were a breath in life. You can’t change your divine purpose. However, as a divine being having a human experience. You and all the enlightened positive forces of goodness and of love and light can impact your destiny, in an amazing way that is incomprehensible to you and the world.

This is how: you live your life with the purest heart (prayerful, meditative, and appreciative, showing gratitude, honoring your enlightened ancestor, respecting everyone, everything, loving you in a healthy bliss and when all this is done.

The invisible sometimes, visible divine forces will contribute to your efforts in your human journey as a job well done. You will enjoy abundance in prosperity. Life is mystical be aware, life is comical have yourself a good laugh 😀

infinite love and light.

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