Bathe Your Soul With Invisibility


Soul cleanse therapy, give your soul and aura an invisibility shield from evil eyes, thoughts, touch, and whispers. Ground your spirit and aura with this power of nine spiritual bath. Follow these simple yet fun steps:

Purchase your herbs, put it all inside a container/bag that is already charged/activated.
Have your energized gemstones ready.
Have your energized purple cloth also ready.
Have an energized pot and a lid ( medium or large) ready.
Have an energized wooden spoon ready.
Have an energized spring water ready (rain water directly caught in the sky would be best)
Charge and energized each herb by holding it in your hand.
Pray over it set your intention for whatever your situation might be.
Sit with it in a meditation and connect to your highest person.
Connect your heart and being with beautiful Mother Earth bring the energy into the bowl.
Spread the purple cloth down and put the bowel on it (under the bowl I have written words of power)
Put half a hand three time of the herbs into the bowl (scoop each herb three times)
Add the water and stir with a wooden spoon.
Cover it up with the lid and allow to sit over night.
Make a circle with your gemstones then another circle with your candles in water around the gemstones. The center of it is where the pot will sit.

Power of nine:
Cloves: undo all of the bad vibe that are sent your way.
Rosemary: be highly protected by awakening your souls defenses and receive your endless blessings.
Agrimony: gives a powerful shield and return bad vibrations to sender double the amount.
Hyssop: purify your soul and ground your spirit.
Anise: raise your vibe with the highest focus and redirect your destiny.
Bay leaves: bring your spirit o a higher state of consciousness plus wealth and love.
Sweet basil: bring prosperity and protection into your life with this heavenly bliss.
St. John’s wort: eliminate negative thoughts and energies from you body, mind, and spirit.
Lavender: relax and be calm for spirit got your back for infinity.

Great rising everyone. Divine love and light.

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