If we scrutinize our current health crisis, and the deterioration of the health of our youth we will find out that our health challenges can be associated with the pollution of our soil, the constant use of pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides, and other genetically engineered substances in the growth of our foods. Our water is treated with chemicals that are harmful to our bodies. Moreover, some part of the sea is polluted making our fish contaminated with chemicals found in the medication that many people consume.
Our lifestyle has become dependent on medication to survive. For these reasons, some people have eliminated the consumption of meat, dairy, and fish out of their diet. These people are called VEGANS. They do not eat any animal products. There are yet others who do not eat any red meat but do eat fish, dairy, and vegetables. They are normally referred to as vegetarian. On the other hand there are those who only eat fruits and they are known as fruitarians.
Let’s Talk About Protein
Protein is one of the body’s main building block for the enhancement of muscle, bones, skin, and other tissue. Protein powders are extracts of vegetables, plants, nuts, seed in refined form. It comes in different flavors and and combinations like carbohydrates, fat, and hundred percent protein. There are varieties of protein like powdered form, liquid drinks, and snack bars.
It is very vital for people who have daily activities that involves sharing of energy to have an extra boost from protein shakes. Because when people sweat they wash their inner organs, bad bacteria and good bacteria out of their bodies. They also sweat out some good nutrients. To rebuild back the good nutrients the consumption of protein shakes is very essential to the human body.
People who are vegans and vegetarian can also benefit a lot from protein powder to get the extra needed. The daily intake of protein is 45 to 56 grams of protein per day.
Benefits of Protein
The benefit of protein shakes is immense, but the following are just a few of what your body can achieve: Repair the body cell, build and repair muscles and bones, boost energy flow in the body, and control many of the important processes in the body related to metabolism.
Simple Recipe
First wash your hands with soap and warm water and towel dry.
Have one organic banana, a scoop of organic blueberry, a table spoonful of almond butter, a scoop of strawberry, and fresh almond or coconut milk.
Ultimate vive
half a cup of le vive
1 cup of soy milk, rice, or coconut milk
1scoop of protein powder
1 bananas
1 table spoon of almond butter
half a cup of blue berry
half a cup of pineapple juice
2 tea spoon of flax seed powder or oil
4 cubes of ice (optional)
blend it all together and serve chilled.
El vive berry
1 cup of le vive (any green powder like spriulina or green & whey)
half a cup of pineapple juice
half a cup of strawberries
half a cup of blueberries
1 bananas
some ice (optional)
blend all together.
Cran aloe stan
half a cup of orange juice
1 banana
1oz of mangosteen plus
1 oz of crane aloe
almond butter
blend with ice

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