As a child, my wonderful parents always told me to live a life that is fulfilling to my soul. They told me to eat and enjoy the goodness of nature that the Creator has blessed his earth with, and as you entangle yourself in its tastes: bitter, sour, sweet and salt. Allow your spirit to acknowledge the energy of life forever. They told me to always seek the fulfillment of life first before anything else. To my parents the fulfillments of life are acknowledging the Creator and our ancestors, enjoying the fruits of nature, and swimming in the pool of purity. “These three fulfillments will give meaning to your life and allow you to live freely in body, spirit, and mind,” said my mother. My parents taught me about having a pure heart and not repaying people back in their own coin, because they said “life always has a price for everyone”. My father also told me to give and seek nothing in return. He said “allow others to draw from your light (energy) because you will give them comfort and peace and that is a life worth living. But remember to never change who you are, no matter how much you give away you will never be empty inside”.

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