The Only Way Out Is Within.

There is something consistent and unchanging that flows through all things seen and unseen. It’s not something that can be perceived by our earthly senses yet we perceive it just the same. Our ancient ancestors the world over had many names for it. Indigenous Africa called it Ra, China called it Chi, India calls it Kundalini etc. What do we call it in today’s terms? It is a current or should I say THE current. The universal energy that connects us to the Source. So what does this mean for us?

It means that through this connection we can find the answers we need to thrive in life. If it is within Divine Law all we need is to declare our will (see it in our minds eye) and it will be. This life force is evey flowing, it cannot be created or destroyed, it simply is. It is the same force dramatized in the Star Wars films. The only difference is we’re all connected so we all have the potential to be  a “Jedi”, which is derived from the ancient Black Egyptian word Djed, a symbol representing stability and focus. The most effective way to tap into this force is through meditation. Your training has now begun.

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