The Path



We are all here to fulfill a purpose believe it or not. Everyone of us is born with our path before us, obstructions and all. Quiet as its kept we are all headed back to the same finish line where the victory is Unity. I say back because we were all one from the very beginning. It matters not who reaches the finish line first, what matters is that we reach it. Life is not a race, but a destiny for each of us. Our destiny is a stepping stone to reach back to that beginning.

We think that we’re all on our separate paths yet the reality is that there’s only one path. The path to self realization. The realization that there is only one Self. Our ego keeps us from seeing our fellow traveler walking or running along side of us. These travelers may have different cultures, different languages and just a different way of living from “sun up to sun down”. This is just a testament to our infinitely creative ways to navigate the path. So walk softly i.e. look, listen and learn. We are all in this together.

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