Let’s take a walk. Walk with me if you will away from all this noise…….I SAID WALK WITH ME AWAY FROM ALL THIS NOISE, YOU KNOW SOME PLACE MORE QUIET!

Away from the sirens, away from the traffic, the helicopters flying low overhead, the screaming neighbors next door, the loud un welcomed music blasting outside, the sound of gunfire in the distance, the thoughts of fear and worry clogging your head etc. etc. I know just the place, you probably know of it too. That park you pass on your way to work everyday. You’ve never been?  Well don’t you think it’s time for a mental health break?

Mother Nature beckons you to reconnect with yourself. You heard that right-you are apart of nature, a natural being, a divine being. A wise man once said “The Creator has a master plan and that plan is Nature”.

As we walk through the park enterance Standing at the edge of this open field of green, it’s ok if you need to take a few minutes to just breathe and take in the scenery. You are now ready to take your first steps towards self healing, the way nature intended.

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